There will be Surprises!

With good reason God teaches us we ought not to judge others as though we knew all things.  Not only do we not know our neighbor's heart, we can't even fathom the depths of our own!  These consideration by C.S. Lewis give me pause to nip my plentiful and unsubstantiated judgments in the bud: Human … Continue reading There will be Surprises!

What does it mean to ‘show grace’?

Grace is unimaginable in a world where everyone believes grace is deserved.  And when grace is transformed into entitlement the definitions change, both for those inside and outside the church....In a culture that thrives on self-affirmation and self-determination, "showing grace" now means accepting someone else's definition of their own righteousness. Our age of expressive individualism … Continue reading What does it mean to ‘show grace’?