Jayber Crow–Chapters 21-23

I'm reading Wendell Berry's book along with the folks at Living our Days blog at https://michelemorin.wordpress.com  We're on the home stretch now!  Each Thursday we talk about a few more chapters together and reflect on what we've noticed.  Feel free to join us even if you're not reading along. There is always good food for thought! Jayber … Continue reading Jayber Crow–Chapters 21-23

Jayber Crow–Chapters 18-20

In these chapters Berry explores the anatomy of an affair through Jayber's reflections.  We also perceive through his thoughts what it feels like to be on both the giving and receiving ends of hate.  Meanwhile Jayber gains a greater sense of Port William's collective memories and of the various affections, joys and sorrows that hold … Continue reading Jayber Crow–Chapters 18-20