Jayber Crow–chapters 4-6

Jayber's growing up years are concluded in these chapters with a handful of poignant observations and conversation, just enough to show us the 'stuff' that shaped the thinking of the man who records his life on Berry's pages.  Even if you're not reading along with us at Michele's Living our Days blog, I hope you'll … Continue reading Jayber Crow–chapters 4-6

Jayber Crow–chapter 1-3

I am reading Jayber Crow  by Wendell Berry with the folks who gather around Michele Morin at Living Our Days.  See my ABOUT page for the reading schedule and come along to enjoy this folksy tale. This week (September 7, 2017) we're talking about Chapters 1-3.  The following are bits and pieces I found savory … Continue reading Jayber Crow–chapter 1-3