Jayber Crow–Chapters 30-32, the finale!

'… and then there were the dead leaves and the brilliant mosses and the mushrooms…' Well, with this post the collective enjoyment of Wendell Berry's tale of the bachelor barber of Port William over at Michele's place comes to an end.  We've been at it since September and now must lay to rest our observations … Continue reading Jayber Crow–Chapters 30-32, the finale!


The theology behind Jayber

If you are looking for my latest thoughts on Jayber Crow discussing Chapters 27-29 please go here.  Today I wanted to post an excerpt from a poem by Wendell Berry on his opinion regarding theology, as some of us at Michele's place have been wondering how to pin down Berry's beliefs as they seep into … Continue reading The theology behind Jayber

What does it mean to ‘show grace’?

Grace is unimaginable in a world where everyone believes grace is deserved.  And when grace is transformed into entitlement the definitions change, both for those inside and outside the church....In a culture that thrives on self-affirmation and self-determination, "showing grace" now means accepting someone else's definition of their own righteousness. Our age of expressive individualism … Continue reading What does it mean to ‘show grace’?

Jayber Crow–Chapters 12-14

I am reading  Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry in conjunction with the followers of Michele Morin’s Living our Days blog at https://michelemorin.wordpress.com   Each Thursday we talk about a few more chapters together, although I'm late checking in this week myself!  Check out my About page above for the reading schedule and join us, or just come along for the conversation ( … Continue reading Jayber Crow–Chapters 12-14