The Business of Life

AliceBrown. Summerbreeze

It may happen to any of us at any moment.  In the twinkling of an eye, in a time too small to be measured, and in any place, all that seems to divide us from God can flee away, vanish, leaving us naked before Him, like the first man, like the only man as if nothing but He and I existed.  And since that contact cannot be avoided for long and since it means either bliss or horror, the business of life is to learn to like it.  That is the first and great commandment.  –C.S. Lewis

I’m enjoying a set of essays by C.S. Lewis in the little collection titled: God in the Dock, this quote being from the essay Dogma and the Universe.  What I love best about Lewis’ writing is his ability to bring his philosophical genius down to a level I can grasp with a clarity that is like that of bringing a dark room to light with a flip of a switch.  Owen Barfield captures this feeling in his cover blurb: “To pick up and read a bit of C.S.Lewis is always rather like opening a window in a stuffy room.”  Ahhhh… fresh and invigorating!  I marvel at this gifted voice that manages with such winsomeness and humility  to bring to light what is true.


What are your thoughts?

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